Estrela Arthos

Also available for video calls Speaks intermediary English
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  Model information

Age:21 years old
Weight:110 Lbs
Size Mannequin:0
Foot size:6
Skin color:White
Color of Hair:Light Maroon
Eye color:Maroon

  Culture and Service

Education and LanguageUniversity Level, Speaks English, Habla Español
Attendance:Who: Men, Women, Couples
Where: Events/Parties, Travels, to Combine
Meets in the neighborhoods:Downtown, South Zone, Barra, São Conrado
Also attends incall, situated: Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana
Attendance - When:From Monday to Friday: attends 24 hours
On Saturdays: attends 24 hours
Sundays/Holidays: attends 24 hours
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