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The city of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the capital of the sun and most tanned women. Copacabana sands filled of golden girls and hot bodies. Rio is the postcard of Brazil. Each corner of the city seems to have been painted by hand. And their beauties create a contrast with the dynamic city of a strong economy with their vertical buildings. No wonder that the song announces “Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful!" ... Let´s meet some of the most special places that Rio offers:


Very traditional neighborhood with many landscapes that look like a postcard. It is considered the "brother neighborhood" of Ipanema, due to the proximity between the two. The biggest difference between them is that Leblon is less busy. Another special feature is that the streets and landscapes of the neighborhood are always used as setting for shooting “novelas” (Brazilian soap operas), besides being the darling neighborhood of famous actors, singers to reside.


This is a residential neighborhood, but with strong commercial appeal because it has a complete list of essential services. Known for offering above average quality of life, and has the highest HDI in Rio de Janeiro.


The best known and most tourist district of Rio, Copacabana receives visitors from around the world in his boulevard of sand and iconic boardwalk. Very good infrastructure and beautiful landscape, with seaside luxury hotels with breathtaking views.

Barra da Tijuca

Region with more expressive economy of Rio de Janeiro and the fastest growing in recent years. It has numerous malls, movie theaters, parks, nature trails and beaches that are worth visiting.


It is the region with the highest cultural appeal of the wonderful city with its museums, theaters and cinemas, as well as San Clemente samba school. Great place to experience.


Flamengo offers one of the most privileged views of Sugarloaf. In addition, it has a beautiful stretch of beach.


This is the neighborhood sung all over the world, due to the "Girl from Ipanema" song. Today, it’s home to all walk of life who live in demarcated territories, but together. The stunning stretch of beach is home to gym toned body boys to the LGBT community.


Middle and high class neighborhood of the south of Rio de Janeiro. The most famous attractions are Urca Hill and SugarLoaf. Also, the neighborhood is also home to some prominent institutions such as the Benjamin Constant Institute, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the former Cassino da Urca, that after the ban gambling in Brazil, was TV Tupi headquarters, among others.


For the nightlife lovers, the Lapa district is a landmark in the city. One of the most striking features of Lapa is the presence of several musical bands and harmony in which they coexist. This neighborhood is a meeting point for artists, politicians, intellectuals and bohemian “Cariocas” since the 50s when received the nickname "Montmartre Carioca". His main emphasis, by the way enchants tourists worldwide, are the Archs of Lapa, an architectural complex considered the largest in Brazil during the colonial period.


The Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is a recreational area very popular in Rio, it is favorable to the practice of various water sports such as paddle, for example. In addition, it has bicycle path with 7.5 km around the pond.
This is a medium and high class neighborhood, the most valued third of the city, very wooded with some parks and squares, and there are environmental preservation areas.

Jardim Botânico

The neighborhood of the Botanical Garden has and diverse architecture. And some of its oldest buildings still standing in the middle of modern buildings, since the neighborhood is considered new in relation to the history of the city. Flanking the mountains are great mansions of powerful families in the city. The Botanical Garden neighborhood is named for hosting the Botanical Garden, which is a scientific institution created during the arrival of Dom João VI to Brazil.
Of course, the Rio de Janeiro also has the nature of Recreio dos Bandeirantes, with its eclectic architecture, Arpoador, all nightclubs in the South Zone ... Anyway ... The Rio continues and remains beautiful year after year.

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